My 3AM Brain

Aug 7

I don’t know which was from which day but these are Friday and Saturday pictures I think

Again, there’s captions, but to elaborate…

We were hanging at UC77’s booth because I wanted to give him a cookie because HOTBLOODED PINKIE PIE IS AMAZING, but when we got there he was out. BUT THEN we turned around and there he was and as we were gushing at him about his awesomeness we realized SLUGBOX WAS STANDING RIGHT BEHIND HIM WHAT. Now I’m not a giant Slug fan but hubby sure is and he made some inhuman noises until I took a pic of him and Slug and UC. 

Then Slug was all “WAAH WHY DON’T I GET A COOKIE” and I was like “I DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE GONNA BE HERE” and then he and UC shared a cookie and it was THE CUTEST THING EVER but I’M NOT ALLOWED TO POST THE PIC SORRY

Then we found DJ Smackdown on the vendor floor and Ponycronus fanboyed so hard at her I thought she’d run away screaming for sure but she was actually really cool about it and remembered him from Tumblr so it was all good. Man, she is just GORGEOUS no matter who she’s cosplaying <3

Then I met BRAEBURNED and I love him a lot and he’s the one who inspired me to start a certain blog and I can’t say much here because NSFW but he’s REALLY ADORABLE AND GREAT AND I WUV HIM


Then Rai

I don’t even know what to say. I MET RAI. QUEEN OF TUMBLRPON, CREATOR OF THE MOST ADORABLE OF ARTS. And omg she is so tiny and precious I wanted to just pick her up and take her home but that probably wouldn’t have gone well.

I attended the Watching Paint Dry event on Saturday (I think) because all Pinkies were invited and DANG IT I WAS A PINKIE

We actually had to stare at a painted post and not blink or flinch or laugh or anything, while everyone else in the room shouted and flailed and was ridiculous to try to distract us and it was actually really fun and funny and great! If you messed up, or were accused of being a fake, you were voted out by people shouting “FUN FUN FUN” or voted back in by sympathetic “D’aaaaaaaaw!”s

I was one of the final two players! I actually threw the game by standing and shouting I CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE but they VOTED ME BACK IN WITH D’AAAWS AND I HAD TO KEEP PLAYING

I eventually lost anyone cuz some butt made me laugh. But yeah, it was a super fun event and I would do it again!