My 3AM Brain


Might as well get ahead on things and start one of tomorrow’s projects why not

Can I kiss your face?



only I can kiss my face

… how?


What do you think about that statement? Http://


What do you think about that statement? Http://

Kept scheduling cuz I kinda got into a Twilight Sparkle trance there for a minute, figured out that with diligence and hard work, I can have ALL my current commissions, including newer ones up to and including ones placed on July 27, finished by AUGUST 12.

Okay now I gotta kick my butt into sticking to this schedule every day. I think I can do it if I work real hard and stay focused.

  • relative: so, are you dating anyone?
  • me: yeah, actually! want to see them?
  • relative: sure!
  • relative: why are you starting up a video game

Holy Shit

Okay so

I’ve been madly trying to catch up on commissions, while purposely avoiding counting up how many I have/how many are overdue, for fear of being overwhelmed

But I just sat down and worked out a plan giving myself manageable chunks of work each day, and I could be caught up on all old (pre-July) commissions by MID NEXT WEEK

THAT’s ACTUALLY REALLY GOOD!! I’m more caught up than I thought I was!

I have some newer comms to work through, too, but this means that any new orders placed now will almost certain;y be done within a month! (As long as the universe doesn’t try to kill me again, and the laptop holds out for a while!)





You are so used to your features, you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger.

I can’t believe I’m even more beautiful than I think I am this is incredible where’s my modeling contract

isn't tumblr PG-13 though?



Ahaha, GOOD POINT. There’s not even supposed to be kids under 13 on this website. …But even so, it’s a good thing to have a disclaimer just so everyone knows what they’re getting themselves into. 

And I know I have fans who don’t have Tumblrs- and fans who are under 13. And probably at least one baby who is a fan. …And maybe a cat or two.

My cat fucking loves AKS you don’t even know

Typhoon’s Allergy Disaster - commission for TheIdiotFarm

Character belongs to AutoKnight01, and she can be found hanging around here.

Commissions are open, check it out!


Usagi is so depressed about Mamoru being kidnapped by the Dark Kingdom that she is unable to focus on anything. Of all the senshi, it’s Minako, who was just introduced and has not had time to become friends with the rest of the team yet, is the one who shows up unannounced at Usagi’s house to help cheer her up.

And I mean, is there ANYTHING more soothing than having your hair brushed and styled? Minako knows how to be a good friend.